Starting with nothing to start with

Hello there internet-friends! :)

I finally made a clear decision to start a blog. I´ve been thinking about this for a long, long time and now I did it.

This is a space where I can be totally selfish and only write about all the stuff I care about. I´ll try to stay in the themes of beauty and lifestyle, but I can´t promise anything yet. All that I hope for is that I can find one person who I might inspire to try out something new like I do with starting blogging. And I don´t really care if I just inspired that one person to try out a new eyeshadow or a new recipe.

This blog and also my Facebook Page and my Twitter aren´t really ready yet, but I´m trying to evolve them the best that I can in the next few days. But that might take some more time since I have bascially not a real clue how to do all of that and I´m depending on Google when it comes to those things. 

Also I wanted to say I´m sorry for every gramatical error in my posts. I´m from Germany and English is not my mother-language. I kind of thought blogging in English would improve my English in some way.

For a start I´m going to leave you with a little qoute from John Green I found some time ago on Tumblr.

"What is the point of being alive if you don´t at least try to do something remarkable."

It is one of my favorite qoutes and I hope to  do something remarkable with starting this blog. Think about that qoute for a while, maybe you´ll finde some inspiration in it, too.

Have a wonderful day

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