My perfectly long and curled lashes

Hi there internet friends

I have very balky eyelashes no matter what products I used they always stayed straight and not as Long as I want them to. I wouldn't say that I have very volumous lashes, but when I use black mascara I'm okay with how full they look.

    (This is what the heating eyelash curler 
      looks like; the pink thing is supposed 
      to become white)

Until recently I used a very cheap drugstore mascara called "I love Extreme" by the brand Essence which isn't waterproof. I also used an eyelash curler by the same brand. 
I do believe that it isn't necessary to use a highend mascara because there are so much great drugstore mascaras that are so much cheaper. 

I didn't want to use waterproof mascara because it is much harder to remove and if you don't fully remove the mascara you're lashes can break. And lashes are really, really bad when it comes to growing.  So if you use waterproof mascara be sure to remove all of it before you go to sleep.

I always envy girls who have those full, curled and long lashes that you can see from far away. When I was in the city a month ago in a shop called Tchibo I discovered an eyelash curler  which uses heat. It is more gentle to your lashes and prevents them from breaking like the curling with a normal eyelash curler does. 

I tried it out at home and even though the one I bought isn't perfectly working (it isn't becoming white when it heats up) I got amazing results. Or at least that's what I thought. But history repeated itself when i got home from school. Everyday I went out of the house with awesome curled lashes, but came home with straight lashes. I hated it, but since it wasn't the fault of the eyelash curler I figured I had the wrong mascara or at least my mascara had the wrong texture for my lashes. It was too heavy for my weak lashes and also becaue it wasn't waterproof it didn't keep the curls. 

So I went back into the city and got a waterproof mascara. This time not from the cheapest brand, but still drugstore. I bought the Rocket Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline Jade in waterproof.

In combination with the heating Eyelash curler I get the most amazing results. My lashes are curled, defined and full and long and they stay this way. The mascara doesn't smudge a bit, even when I cried one time it stayed in place. I still use a different mascara for my lower lashes because the big brish is just too big for my lower lashes.

    (This is the result. It's still not 100% what I want, but that's the best I've ever gotten)

It is definitely harder to remove the mascara though. I have trouble getting it al l off my lashes, but with that result I'm totally happy.

Here are my top three tips for perfect lashes in short form:
1.  Try a heating eyelash curler. It does miracles.
2. Try out different mascaras. And do consider using waterproof ones if you are not happy yet. But stay with the ones from the drugstore, you don't need high end for amazing results.
3. Be gentle to your lashes. Try to take care of them. Important  is that you care about them and not only the results. If your lashes are healthy they can grow better and the result will be even greatet. (yeah, that sounds like your lashes are persons and it is a little strange to think like that, but this is true.)

Have a wonderful day


  1. I have mixed feelings about heated eyelash curlers, I really want to try them out yet I don't want to use heat so close to my eyes! xx

    1. I can assure you that the heat won´t hurt you. It is not even as hot as a curling iron or anything. It is really more a warmth than a heat. Or at least that´s what I experienced with my curler, but, still, it is broken in some way.
      xx Lisa


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