My First Time: Lush

Hi there, internetfriends.

Doesn't this look like an awesome relaxing day? It definitely smells like it.

While having the chance to go shopping in Zurich two days ago me and another girl from my group saw a Lush shop. It was the second one we've seen in Switzerland (the first one was in Lucerne) and it already had been pretty hard to resist the first one.

I've never had one product from Lush and never been in a shop yet. There are just not many Lush shops around where I live. But I've heard so much great things about Lush and I went into the shop. There was one seller lady which was just annyoing. You could just tell that she wanted to sell her stuff no matter if you might not even like it that much. So we got out pretty soon again. 

But I managed to get a glimpse of those bathing balls they are kind of famous for and they looked heavenly. So when we had seen everything else on Zurich we went back to that shop and the annoying seller was gone. I was looking around extremly sure that I wouldn't leave without one of those bathing balls. Another seller walked up to me and she was just so damn nice and in her own way totally pretty. We chatted and while she was trying to sell something she also set a high value on me liking the things I was about to buy.
She introduced me to different balls after asking me which scent I'd like (I said something exotic/tropical).

I decided to get this Blackberry Bomb for 6,50 CHF. It smells amazing like a berrry explosion with all different kinds of berrys. It's totally fruity and kind of sweet. It definitely is something for everyone who likes berrys and fruity scents.
Its ingredients are bergamot, incense and berry scent. 
I'm looking forward to throw this sprudlige bomb into my bathtub at home. Finally I've got a reason for a nice bath time with candles. 
And by the way, the Blackberry Bomb supposed to have a little not in its center saying "Boom!" or something like that.

Then I was so overwhelmed that I just had to take something else with me too. So I asked for a peeling. The nice lady rubbed this one on my arm and it felt amazing. Eventually I had to get this Rub Rub Rub Shower Peeling for 18,50 CHF.It is turqouise and it has this subtle and gentle fresh scent. It has a lot of pigments in it and my arm felt baby soft after the treatment. It is mostly made of sea salt, and the fresh scent comes from lemon, orange, and jasmin extracts. I was told that you can also use this as massage for your scalp which also gives your hairline more texture and volume. You don't need to use a shower gel after this peeling because it already has the nurturing ingredients in it. You can also decide wether you want a light or a stronger treatment. For a lighter one use this peeling while the water is running and for a stronger one just before you start the water. One of the best extras for me would be that it should help with dry legs and the tiny hairs growing atfter shaving.

I will definitely go back into a Lush store soon. It's amazing and I can't get enough of the scents. And aren't their giftboxes just adorable? Why don't you have nice, long bath today? The summer's slowly coming to an end and the autumn with its cold rain is coming, there's no better time for a bath.

Have a wonderful day

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