My Bucket List

Hi there internet friends.

I had a brilliant plan to show you guys my top five nail polishes for autumn since the weather got darker here. But apparently it seems that the summer doesn´t want to leave yet and I don´t really feel like talking about autumn when I´m sitting in the sun.
Also it is way too hot to stay concentrated for a long time (especially after working in this weather) and so I decided for a smaller thing to write about: I want to tell you about my Bucket List or The Things I Want To Do Before The Summer Dies.

1. Go swimming somewhere I´ve never been before (may it be a sea or a pool)
2. Dance in a warm, nice summer rain
3. Try at least six new flavors of ice cream
4. Have a campfire with a lot of friends and a lot of singing with a guitar
5. Sleep outside (a tent might be allowed, too)

I know that I don´t really have much time to fulfill all of those things, but I will try my best. Personally, I love the summer so so much I would like to have summer all year (maybe just mix in two weeks of deep, snowy winter around christmas and new year). Let me know if you love the summer as much as I do and also if you have some things you want to do before the summer ends.

Have a wonderful day

p.s. I will include pictures to my writings soon, they just don´t really fit with those lists, and I will make the lists stop and write about something that has to do more with beauty the next time. Promise. xx

Edit (26.09.2013):

To be honest, the summer just lasted like a week and I wasn´t able to do much of those things. I tried 3 new flavors of ice cream, but I didn´t manage to organize a campfire or to sleep outside. The thing with the rain was that there was none. And the swimming thing was kind of difficult too. But I walked through a lake in Switzerland, with my shoes on, but I´m gonna make that count.
Yeah, well I sucked at this list. Maybe the next season will end better for me.

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