My Bucket List - Autumn

Hi there, internetfriends.

Autumn is "finally" here. Well, I look forward to having no reason to come out of my bed because it´s raining outside and at least we don´t have to remble how long the summer will stay, but summer, I already miss you!
Because I liked the idea of my bucket list for summer, I thought I´d do one for autumn. 

1. Spent a whole day in bed doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it

2. Have a nice, long bath listening to an audiobook and having scented candels around me
3. Take a friend (or more) and have a nice, long walk in colorful leaves
4. Gamenights with friends and hot cocoa
5. Build a fort out of pillows and blankets

I can´t even believe how much I look forward to this things. Those are my absolute favorite things in autumn and I will try to do all of them. What better season to stay in bed a whole day when all of the tv shows are finally airing again? And what better way to watch films with friends than in a build pillow fort? How can anyone not love the sound leaves make when you walk through them?
Wow, this actually got me excited about autumn though I normally hate it. I think this post did its job for me, maybe this even got you excited. Also tell me if you like those bucket lists or if I should just stop them.

Have a wonderful day

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