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Hi there internet friends.

As I went back to school last week after six weeks just chilling I found myself highly demotivated (especially since a lot of things aren´t working the way I want them to). "That needs to stop, " I said to myself then yesterday. And today is the start of a new week. Why not try to be enjoying school as much as I´ve been last year?
To be honest, there´s no way to really love school, but you can make your school day a little bit easier with some of those tips.

Use the evenings
This might be the most important step to be organised. Pack your bag and plan the clothes you will be wearing the next day in the evening. This way you don´t have to worry about anything in the morning and you also can control if you did all your homework. Forgetting homework might be the worst thing you can do; your teachers will remember it, it will give you a bad grade and it is something you can do for yourself to internalize the stuff teachers talk about.

Set one realistic alarm
I was never one to set like 5 alarms to really get up. Once my alarm went off I can´t go back to sleep no matter how much I want to just because I worry that I might not get everything done. As Zoella (blog) pointed out it doesn´t make sense to train yourself to snooze your alarms. Set yourself one realistic alarm and then get up no matter how much effort it takes.
Also you can choose a fun song if you use an alarm app. A song that always makes you smile will help you to get a good mood though the early time. Such apps sometimes offer barriers (math assignment, etc.) you have to fulfill before you can turn them out. I prefer AlarmDroid as my alarm.

Make a "feeling good" playlist
A playlist with all the songs that make you smile (no matter how old those songs are) will keep your mood up when you get started in the morning. I love mine and I´m always leaving the house with a smile.

Have a shower
This will help you to really wake up. I also wash my hair every second morning while showering, but you don´t need to do that. Just the shower itself helps a lot. It´s an extra if you have a scented shower gel to push your mood. Trust me, a good mood is essential for a good day.

Eat breakfast
I love my healthy breakfast, but you don´t need to eat fruits with joghurt if you don´t like to. Just pick something that gives you energy for the day you will have to survive.

Take snacks with you
This is really important if you want to stay concentrated. I like to take some vegetables and fruits, but also bread with me. You can make the breaks worth a lot more if you take some chocolate bars (but not too much) or other sweets with you. And who doesn´t like eating? Eating cheers everyone up.

Use a calender
I have one of those specifically for school and homework and they are genius. Important for being organised is to note everything from an appointment to homework. I also use my calender to note down the things I have to do in the afternoon. This way I feel like I´ve really done a lot in the evening.

Have a scribble book
Let´s be honest, there just some subjects and teachers were you just can´t stay concentrated though you really, really try. For such matters pack a little notebook you can use for scribbles and notes you have in that lesson. But don´t try to play games with your partner, that´s really not the point of this. I can say that I noted down this list in a lesson and it made the lesson a little bit easier.

Set yourself realistic goals
If you are lazy or shy in school when it comes to raising your hand or just saying anything then don´t worry. I was like that a long, long time, but even I managed to turn this around. The best way is to make a list with all the subjects and everytime you raise your hand you get to make a dash. Now you can either set yourself as a goal to raise your hand like 3 times in every subject and if you achieved that you are allowed to eat that ice cream waiting for you at home or you set yourself a reward: when you´ve raised your hands 20 times in all subjects you can get an ice cream or whatever you want.
This list is also very helpful if you think you deserve a better grade. 

Start learning early enough
Don´t wait until the last evening to learn for a test. Start 5 days earlier with going through your material and writing down everything you need to know. Then just look at this list every day a few times and try some excercises in your book or in the internet. This will get you well prepared and you don´t have to worry about it anymore.

No Rhythm
Don´t let yourself fall into a rhythm you have every morning. Really soon there will be no more fun involved. Change it up just a little bit everytime. Use a different make-up for you eyes or eat something different for breakfast. Add a little sport some mornings or give yourself the time to just check your Facebook some mornings.

Be open for spontaneous changes
There´s always a chance that something goes terribly wrong in the morning because you´re tired and your reflexes don´t work as well. It can be you spilling joghurt over your pants or you screwing your make-up. Stay up early enough to prevent yourself from having stress in the morning. A chilled morning in which you can maybe just paint your nails because you have time left is way better than a morning in which you don´t even have time to eat.

For me the morning is always the time when I´m most awake and it´s the time that defines my day. If I have a bad morning I will be very, very grumpy throughout the whole day. Just try to make your mornings matter more and with these tips there´s nothing in the way of a good day of school (except for yourself maybe).

Have a wonderful day

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