All Time Favorite Accesories

Hi there internet friends.

Whenever I find myself packing for a trip I'm always thinking too long about what accessories I need to pack. Well, in the end I pack the same things everytime. And those things are the ones I were mostly, too. I guess they are just my All Time Favorites.

     (Those are from Primark, but you get them everywhere)

First of all, I really need my pearl earings. I have a lot of pairs of those because I tend to lose them. Also they have many different sizes. My favorite ones (the ones in the picture) are like a middle size. They're perfect for every-day wear, but if you want to get a little more fancy you can just take bigger ones.

     (I've got those from Six)

Since I got my first pair of this flower earrings I'm in love. I got those in a million versions, too, but those would be the ones I wear more often (though I wear the pink and a little bit bigger ones quite often too). 
Those white ones are a bit small (maybe even too small), but they add a little bit special to your outfit that not everyone might see. You can just go for bigger ones ├╝if you want to.

     (They came in a pack from Primark too)

Next I've got some very plain shiny clips. Those are also available in many different colors, but the plain and silvery ones just fit most of my outfits. I love them when I'm feeling just a bit fancy. And they add a little sparkle to your face, too. Just wear them with a smile and nobody can resist you.

A universal necklace is pretty handy as well. I get new fam at special events (or just as a birthday present), so they all mean a lot to me. But there are three that I wear with everything (or when I'm feeling a bit down and want some reminder of the people I love). 

     (The necklace and the pearl are from Fossil)

I got the pearl as the first fan with the neckace from my parents when I had my confirmation. I like it because it goes with almost everything and is a bit more fancy and elegant for e.g. an evening event, but still possible to wear at a normal day.

     (Since it was a present I don't know where it's from)

The silver star was also a present from my parents for a premiere of play I was involved in called "Der Kleine Tag." It's the kind of fan for some cheering up and it's not too big or too small, so I like to wear just as a little (secret) extra for my outfit.

     (This was a present, I don't know where this is from)

The black and silver mask was a present for another premiere but this one I got from my best friend in the world. I love her so much and Iove the smile she has whenever I wear this fan. It just gives your outfit a special touch, too. And the combination of black an silver makes it wearable for every event and outfit.

     (I got those from Bijou Brigitte, but the small and big ones weren't in the same pack)

Last, but not least I always pack a set of white pearl bracelets. I like to mix some bigger qones with some smaller ones which are not of the same kind. For me it's the perfect addition to the pearl earrings and the pearl necklace. I just like the way those bracelets make my arm look a little more elegant.

All of those accessories are kind of plain and in black, white and silver, but those colors just fit almost everything. And when you pack all your stuff and, like me, need a lot of space for clothes (that you probably won't get to wear) it's easier to have some basics that go with everything to save valueable space for clothing.
I wear those accesories so often and I think everyone else thinks I've got just those accesoires when the truth is that I just have way too much accessoires (like 60 pairs of earrings) so that I can't decide which ones to wear. For this occasion it's just nice to have basics that you can get back to in any case.

Have a wonderful day

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