10 Ways To Mess With Your Boredom

As I thought longer about it now that I have to go back to school tomorrow I figured that my vacation weren´t really exciting. Most of the days I spent at my side job or just with pure boredom. Who really wants that??
So I thought of 10 ways to eliminate boredom.

1. Have yourself a wellness day. This might seem totally obvious, but it actually helps. Search for face mask recipes in the internet or just create your own one. How about having a nice, long bath with some lovely music, a cup of hot chocolate, grapes or more chocolate, and a lot of bubbles? And don´t forget to use bodylotion or bodyoil to make you feel really good. Then paint your nails in your favorite color or make them rainbow-y. Last, but not least, put on your most comfortable clothes, go back to your bed, cuddle up and read a good book or watch your favorite Youtubers.

2. Bake or cook something. A few years ago everytime I was bored I picked a recipe and baked a cake or some cookies (preferably chocolate cookies ;) ). But it is also a very good idea to just try out some new recipes.

3. Clean up your closet. Just take everything out of it and sort the things out you haven´t really worn in the last months or the things that don´t fit you anymore. You can sell this stuff at a flea market or give it to your younger sister/brother/cousin/niece/etc they will really be happy with it. It is also really fun for you since you can re-find stuff you haven´t worn in ages, but still really like, and you have to try on some clothes to see if they still fit you. Personally, I love to do this.

4. Redesign your room. You don´t even have to move all of your furniture for this unless you want to. Just ask your parents or measure how big your room is and cut it out of a piece of paper (in proportion, of course). Then measure all of your furniture and cut out those, too (mind the proportion you used for the room!). Now you can rearrange everything without real work. If you really like one option you can move your furniture. It always feels like a new start to me when I rearrange my room.
Small tip for all the lazy ones: Instead of cutting everything out of paper just use an online interactive room planer

5. Do someone´s hair and make-up. If you´re lucky enough to find someone who has nothing to do (try siblings and close living friends or in a pinch just pick strangers from your street or the neighbor kids) you can try different hairstyles on them and also do their make-up. It is fun for both of you.

6. Create a playlist. Spend at least one hour of your time to create a playlist with all of your favorite songs. Personally, I use Spotify for my playlists, but you can always just go with the songs you already have on your phone/computer/tablet/... When you have finished play this playlist as loud as you can and dance to all of the songs. Don´t forget to sing along!
If you have a problem with neighbors or parents/roommates being around your room you might want to play the songs with headphones and don´t start singing along.

7. Read a children´s book. This sounds really weird, but it is so much fun. Find some old books that your parents read to you when you were a child (even when you think that they´ve got rid of them, some they will have kept). Read those books again. They´re really, really sweet and so damn cute and they remind you of old times. While you´re at it you can also ask your parents for old photos and look at them.

8. Go into town. But not just go and buy stuff that you will never, ever need just because you´re bored. Find one item that you want to buy. For me that is often Arizona Iced Tea with Peach Flavour or an ice cream. Take just enough money with you that you can buy that one item. As soon as you´re in town don´t go straight to buy your item, make yourself a deal that you can buy that one item when you´ve been into at least three shops and tried on one item in every one. If you find something you really like you can also ask them to put that item back until the next day when you will buy it.

9. Visit your grandparents. Even if they are that old and boring it might be fun. Take a simple palor game with you (I prefer Ludo) and play that with them. They will be so happy to see you and as I said it might be fun.

10. Make little gifts for your friends. I know that I don´t honor my friends enough and that is a great way of saying "I really care about you and you mean so much to me." It doesn´t even have to be something big. Just braid them bracelets or maybe just record the playlist you made for yourself earlier. Then wrap it really nicely and put a sweet note onto it. Now you can either send it with the mail or you can personally deliver it to their doorsteps or you just give it them when you see them again.

I did all of these things at least once and for me they are really great. I hope I was able to give you at least one thing to reduce your boredom. If so, leave a comment which one it was, and also let me know other things to do when you´re bored.

Have a wonderful day

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