Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes

Hi there internetfriends.

I´ve been looking forward to this post for quit a time now (basically since I started blogging) and finally the autumn came around (and hit us hard in the face). But I´m looking at it positively. I love my nail polishes and every season brings the oppurtunity for new colors. Or this is what I tell myself when I´m standing in front of the shelf in the drugstore and pick up a hand full of nail polishes though I don´t really get to wear them often. But anyway, I´ve been using some in the last weeks an I am really looking forward to some colors this autumn.

Just so you know, I´ve used to layers of every polish because I think the second layer gives them a more intense color and I love that.

The first color is by Catrice and is called My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame. It is a very light nude that needs two layers to be coverin. But it is a very pretty nude that can be worn with everything. It gives a very colorful outfit a little place of ease and with very light outfits it doesn´t take all the attention.

Dive Bar by Essie is a very dark, sparkly color that changes with the light. It shimmers lila, green or blue due to how the light catches your fingers. I really like it at partys, but also with very light outfits as a contrast. It splitters very fast at the tips, but you can correct it easily because of the darkness and the sparkles.

A bright red fits in no season like autumn. While I prefered using a darker red over the last years I´m using the 240 by Kiko this year for a change. I like the polishes by Kiko because they´re easy to apply and look really smooth.

I did choose another greenish tone. But this one is more a bright turqouise and it´s also sparkly. It´s by Catrice and called King Of Greens. This tone is more for darker outfits because I really like the effect of a contrast. Plain black or dark oufits are nice, but they definitely need a touch of color.

The last polish is Angora Cardi by Essie. It´s a dark violet and it´s just really pretty. I like it a lot for my daily outfits because  fits a lot of them. Also I like that it is very good to apply and if you have thin layers it dries very quick. It stays for a few days before it begins to splitter and the color just makes me happy and excited for autumn.

I really want to wear all of those colors with different outfits and maybe mix the colors in different nail arts. Do you like any special colors in autumn?

Have a wonderful day

My Bucket List - Autumn

Hi there, internetfriends.

Autumn is "finally" here. Well, I look forward to having no reason to come out of my bed because it´s raining outside and at least we don´t have to remble how long the summer will stay, but summer, I already miss you!
Because I liked the idea of my bucket list for summer, I thought I´d do one for autumn. 

1. Spent a whole day in bed doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it

2. Have a nice, long bath listening to an audiobook and having scented candels around me
3. Take a friend (or more) and have a nice, long walk in colorful leaves
4. Gamenights with friends and hot cocoa
5. Build a fort out of pillows and blankets

I can´t even believe how much I look forward to this things. Those are my absolute favorite things in autumn and I will try to do all of them. What better season to stay in bed a whole day when all of the tv shows are finally airing again? And what better way to watch films with friends than in a build pillow fort? How can anyone not love the sound leaves make when you walk through them?
Wow, this actually got me excited about autumn though I normally hate it. I think this post did its job for me, maybe this even got you excited. Also tell me if you like those bucket lists or if I should just stop them.

Have a wonderful day

Swiss Food Haul

  • Hi there, internetfriends.

  • I was in Switzerland last week and while we did a lot of hiking with our group we also had the chance to look around Lucerne for a day. Like almost every normal human being I'm always keen about food shopping in different countries (especially when it comes to sweets).

    Me and another girl from my group got together (basically because we both had no one else to go with) and after some sightseeing, straying and a Frozen Yoghurt we found a supermarket called Coop. Coop is like a swiss discounter as we discovered later.
    Anyway, here are the things I bought.

    To seem just a bit healthy I got some green apples (my favorite ones: Golden Delicious) and some grapes that were on offer. No, I'm kidding, I didn't get them as a try to look healthy, but because we only have red apples in our vacation home that are to sour for my taste. And we've got no other fruits there. For 602 g I payed 2,05 CHF and for 574 g of the grapes 1,35 CHF.

    For the rest of the days we spend hiking I've got something to snack for myself. I decided to buy Balisto granola bars in the flavor Choco Chips because they sounded delicious and we don't have them in Germany. They costed 3,70 CHF. And I've already tried them, they're nothing really special, but still delicious. Same reason goes for the Da Vida Snack in Paprika. They are little crackers with some Paprika dust on them. They taste really good. The Paprika dust makes them a little bit more special than just plain wheat crackers. Maybe they're even an alternative to chips. They were 2,95 CHF.

    And who can go food shopping in Switzerland without buying cheese? I got this Frommage Du Terroir (234 g) for 5,75 CHF. Though I'm a big cheese fan I'm taking this home for my parents. We are currently living next to a cheese dairy and I'm hoping to find another cheese for my parents when we visit it.

    Obviously, I needed some chocolate as well. I decided to go for a crunchy one by Nestle for 2,10 CHF and some King Choco Mikado Sticks for 2,50 CHF. Both I can't get at home and they just look way to delicious. The crunchy chocolate was a bit like Sunrice, I think, though I'm not sure if it was rice or something else in it. Anyway, it was delicious (and I ate half of it in like 10 minutes..) The Mikados don't have just one simple layer of chocolate, but some additional rings of darker chocolate around them. Yummy! I've saved them for home so my family can try some of them too. The Lindt chocolate is also available in Germany, but it was actually cheaper with just 2,95 CHF. And my sister (and me, too) loves the type Cookies & Cream, so this is for her. It tastes kind of like heaven coated with chocolate. If you like cookies (and who doesn't?) then this is definitely something for you.
    The gum and the strawberry strings are for my personal vacation snack bar, too. The gum by Trident is called Watermelon Sunrise and it tastes amazing (and the packaging does look great too, doesn't it?). But don't expect too much from this gum. I doesn't really give you a fresh breath and the taste doesn't last very long, it just tastes amazing for a small time. But the smell of it is a bit obtrusive and a bit too artificially sweet. They were 3,30 CHF. The strings are from Red Band and strawberry scented. I can't taste or see anything special about them, I just really like strawberry strings. They were 1,80 CHF.
    All in all, I payed 28,35 CHF and that's a hell of a lot, but it's Switzerland. What do you expect?Since we are mostly Wandern through mountains I'm not really able to buy much more, so I'm okay with it. And I also got some good things to take home with me.
    But that wasn't the end of my food shopping. Two days later we got a whole day of freetime in Zurich and what did I do? Yep, food shopping with the same girl from my group (and a bit of Lush shopping). We found this really cute and tiny supermarket called Migros and looked around there for a while.

    It´s a good thing that I didn´t get that much there.

    I found some dried mango stripes which are pretty good to take with you on a longer trip. They even were organic and just 3,00 CHF. They tasted really amazing and were pretty handy for a day long trip. I could just get some out and put the rest back into my bag because they had this thing to close the pack again and again.

    Then I got some cheese again. I just love the cheese here way too much, i'm afraid I won't like the cheese at home anymore. This time it was a La Tomme Rustique (100 g) for 1,95 CHF. Saved the cheese for home, so I don't know how it tastes yet.
    I've heard such amazing things about the chocolate by Frey so I took the chance when I got it and bought the Mahony Lait one. It is milkchocolate with honey-almond-nougat in it, kind of like Toblerone and yumm, that is one delicious chocolate. Then at the cashpoint they were some more sweets and I took this strawberry winegums by Gomz which looked good, but actually weren't. They are a bit harder than normal winegums which I totally like, but not when they just taste like sweet chemicals. I was pretty happy that some people asked to try them and that it was only 100 g. They were 1,50 CHF.
    I paid 8,05 CHF in Mogris.
    Lastly, we went into another Coop because we wanted to get some Rivella. The landlord of our cottage (who founded the cheese dairy) told us that Rivella is made with whey, and we knew it was typical for Switzerland. We were just curious and got the red version which we think is the normal one.

    It actually is very delicious and tingly. I can't really describe the taste, but it blew my mind especially after I've had the smell of hot milk stuck in my nose and I thought that it would taste bad. So if you get the chance, try it. I got the 0,5 l bottle for 1,30 CHF. They had a whole shelf full of smoothies and I always want to try new ones. I decided to get this multifruited one with orange, pineapple, passionfruit, banana, guava and mango in it. It says that it is 100 % fruits. It really tastes amazing. It is not too sweet since it also has a sour taste in it. It is not as viscious as I expected it to be because it was a smoothie. But I love it this way. It was 1,75 CHF and I wish I had taken more of it with me.
    I left 3,05 CHF at Coop.
    I didn't know that we would have the chance to buy the cheese and the delicious yoghurts from our hut, but I had some money left.


    I got three different kinds of yoghurt: vanilla which is just the sweetes vanilla I've ever eaten and it is delicious, then chocolate (have you ever gotten chocolate yoghurt yet?). Chocolate is a little bit sour, but it tastes just like Herbe chocolate Streusel. A mix of choco and vanilla is great! I wanted to get the one with multiple fruits in it too, but they were out of it so I've got Waldbeere which is close to my favorite. If you get close to Walchwil make sure to visit the little shop from Rust! Each of the yoghurt was 1,25 CHF.
    I got half of a little mild mature cheese (the right one) for 4,95 CHF and like 200 g of Greyerzer in semi-cured for 5,70 CHF. Again I can't describe the taste, but they are delicious and really tasty compared to the cheese we can get in Germany.
    I paid 14,40 CHF at Rust.
    In total I spent 53,85 CHF on food I basically didn't need, but I love food so I'm happy this way. And now I'm gonna go and try all the things I haven't tried yet. Yumm, I'm really looking forward to that.
    Have a wonderful day

My First Time: Lush

Hi there, internetfriends.

Doesn't this look like an awesome relaxing day? It definitely smells like it.

While having the chance to go shopping in Zurich two days ago me and another girl from my group saw a Lush shop. It was the second one we've seen in Switzerland (the first one was in Lucerne) and it already had been pretty hard to resist the first one.

I've never had one product from Lush and never been in a shop yet. There are just not many Lush shops around where I live. But I've heard so much great things about Lush and I went into the shop. There was one seller lady which was just annyoing. You could just tell that she wanted to sell her stuff no matter if you might not even like it that much. So we got out pretty soon again. 

But I managed to get a glimpse of those bathing balls they are kind of famous for and they looked heavenly. So when we had seen everything else on Zurich we went back to that shop and the annoying seller was gone. I was looking around extremly sure that I wouldn't leave without one of those bathing balls. Another seller walked up to me and she was just so damn nice and in her own way totally pretty. We chatted and while she was trying to sell something she also set a high value on me liking the things I was about to buy.
She introduced me to different balls after asking me which scent I'd like (I said something exotic/tropical).

I decided to get this Blackberry Bomb for 6,50 CHF. It smells amazing like a berrry explosion with all different kinds of berrys. It's totally fruity and kind of sweet. It definitely is something for everyone who likes berrys and fruity scents.
Its ingredients are bergamot, incense and berry scent. 
I'm looking forward to throw this sprudlige bomb into my bathtub at home. Finally I've got a reason for a nice bath time with candles. 
And by the way, the Blackberry Bomb supposed to have a little not in its center saying "Boom!" or something like that.

Then I was so overwhelmed that I just had to take something else with me too. So I asked for a peeling. The nice lady rubbed this one on my arm and it felt amazing. Eventually I had to get this Rub Rub Rub Shower Peeling for 18,50 CHF.It is turqouise and it has this subtle and gentle fresh scent. It has a lot of pigments in it and my arm felt baby soft after the treatment. It is mostly made of sea salt, and the fresh scent comes from lemon, orange, and jasmin extracts. I was told that you can also use this as massage for your scalp which also gives your hairline more texture and volume. You don't need to use a shower gel after this peeling because it already has the nurturing ingredients in it. You can also decide wether you want a light or a stronger treatment. For a lighter one use this peeling while the water is running and for a stronger one just before you start the water. One of the best extras for me would be that it should help with dry legs and the tiny hairs growing atfter shaving.

I will definitely go back into a Lush store soon. It's amazing and I can't get enough of the scents. And aren't their giftboxes just adorable? Why don't you have nice, long bath today? The summer's slowly coming to an end and the autumn with its cold rain is coming, there's no better time for a bath.

Have a wonderful day

The Fault In Our Stars - A Book Review

Hi there, internetfriends.

As I've found myself in a bigger downphase over the last months I wanted to read a really, really good book, but I couldn't get myself up to read the books on my bedside table. They just weren't what I wanted to read. When I then finally got into the city with my sister buying stuff for school. My sister needed to go into a bookstore which is selling cheap school stuff. I was looking through the books and remembered this great book I've heard about: The Fault In Our StarsI didn't know much about the book, basically just that it was a story about two cancer kids falling in love and how it was "One Of The Greatest Books Ever". I also knew this one qoute: "I fell in love with you the way you fall asleep - slowly and then all at once" which gives me shivers everytime I read it.I did order the book a few weeks later on Amazon, right in time for my trip.

Let's go over the facts first. The book was written by John Green. It has 312 pages without the achknownledgements. It was published on the 10th January 2012 by Penguin.

I don't want to spoiler you too much. The basic story is written from Hazel's point of view. She is sixteen years old and has cancer which causes tumors in her lungs. She was saved from death due to too much water caused by the cancer once and has to carry an oxygen cart with her all the time. At a weekly meeting in a group for cancer kids she meets Augustus Waters, a hot boy that is staring at her. Both get to know each other better as the time goes by and eventually fall in love. The books tells how both deal with their cancer and how the people around them deal with it, but mostly it is about how those kids get to know each other and how they see the world in a more grown-up way because they have the vision of death right in front of their eyes.

Needless to say that i had quite high expectations for this book, but this book still managed to blow my mind

The most amazing part of the book are definitely the characters. They all have flaws, they are all different and they are all so real and natural. It felt more like someone who's telling you a real story than reading a fictional one. This is also the first book I've read that really understands teenagers, their feelings, thoughts and behavior. All the characters are totally lovely and it's almost impossible to not fall in love with them. There are Hazel's  parents who are caring way too much about their child, the blind boy Isaac who has to handle a broken heart and his blindness at the same time and of course Augustus and Hazel who both handle their cancer in a ironic yet totally funny and understandable way and who both also can have very deep conversations and thoughts due to their expected deaths Personally, I can relate to that (not the death part, hopefully my death will be far away in the future). I'm totally childish and hyperactive sometimes, but I also have a lot of those deep moments.

I love how ironic the whole book reflects the cancer. The sick kids are not all depressed and crying all the time, they're happy human beings who experience the world in a more special way. Especially Augustus is totally open to everyone. He says what he thinks even if it isn't really fiting and that's totally refresing. Who hasn't said something without thinking? But Augustus doesn't think it's awkward, he accepts that part of him and it totally makes him more loveable.

The book doesn't want to give you a solution for every situation and if there is  a solution that seems kind of magical it always has a very human explanation. But the book mostly just wants to tell the story of those characters. The topic of cancer often leads authors to create some totally cheesy scenes that you might like the first read, but hate later. The Fault In Our Stars isn't like that. Though there are some cheesy scenes, they always have a twist so that in the end you'll laugh.

Have I mentioned John Green's style of writing yet? It is awesome. He really catches the thoughts of Hazel great. Sometimes I wasn't even sure if those were her thoughts or mine. In generell he has a really cool and smooth style of writing that gets to you. I've read 100 pages in a row without even looking up once. This book is too smooth to get boring. Also John Green lets you feel so strongly connected to the characters that you just have to cry. If you know John Green's Youtube channel (thevlogbrothers) you can imagine his style of writing. His style is just so much of himself, so funny, so relaxed and so unique that you have to love it. Since the book is from Hazel's point of view you often read her thoughts and John Green got his style totally right when it comes to the way teenagers think. It is, again, just very natural.

Lastly, the book gives you some amazing qoutes which I will not tell you, because you should go and read them for yourself. Those qoutes make you think about your own life a bit more, but some of them are just so great that you want to have a pillow Bestickt with them like Augustus' parents have.

I can only speak for myself when I say that this book indeed is one of the best books I've ever read. I'm thinking of re-reading it on the journey home just because it is this awesome. I want to go through that palette of feelings again. Honestly, I didn't cry, but it was because I always were in a room with other people and I just couldn't get soooo emotionally involved. But if I'd have read it in my bed I would have cried so much.
If someone is still wondering wether to read this book or not, just get up and get this damn book. You will not regret this ever!

I also wanted to share my thoughts on the book title with some of you, but it you don't want to be spoilered then click away and get this book first.
The title is inspired by a shakespearan qoute which is also qouted in the book: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in in the stars/ but in ourselves". The author of Hazel's favorite book disagrees with Shakespear in one of his letters. So the title basically says that the fault is indeed in our stars, in our fate and that we cannot change it though we might handle our life always the best way. Which is why fate decided that Gus had to die though he was pretty healthy and that Hazel was able to live on though she was pretty sick. It was the fault of their stars, not their fault.
But I've also read an interpretation that sees it this way: We are all made of stardust, so we are all stars, just living on earth. Our stars are the people around us and their fault is that they die. But that's a fault that everybody has because death is inevitable. I also like this interpretation very much.

Have a wonderful day

All Time Favorite Accesories

Hi there internet friends.

Whenever I find myself packing for a trip I'm always thinking too long about what accessories I need to pack. Well, in the end I pack the same things everytime. And those things are the ones I were mostly, too. I guess they are just my All Time Favorites.

     (Those are from Primark, but you get them everywhere)

First of all, I really need my pearl earings. I have a lot of pairs of those because I tend to lose them. Also they have many different sizes. My favorite ones (the ones in the picture) are like a middle size. They're perfect for every-day wear, but if you want to get a little more fancy you can just take bigger ones.

     (I've got those from Six)

Since I got my first pair of this flower earrings I'm in love. I got those in a million versions, too, but those would be the ones I wear more often (though I wear the pink and a little bit bigger ones quite often too). 
Those white ones are a bit small (maybe even too small), but they add a little bit special to your outfit that not everyone might see. You can just go for bigger ones üif you want to.

     (They came in a pack from Primark too)

Next I've got some very plain shiny clips. Those are also available in many different colors, but the plain and silvery ones just fit most of my outfits. I love them when I'm feeling just a bit fancy. And they add a little sparkle to your face, too. Just wear them with a smile and nobody can resist you.

A universal necklace is pretty handy as well. I get new fam at special events (or just as a birthday present), so they all mean a lot to me. But there are three that I wear with everything (or when I'm feeling a bit down and want some reminder of the people I love). 

     (The necklace and the pearl are from Fossil)

I got the pearl as the first fan with the neckace from my parents when I had my confirmation. I like it because it goes with almost everything and is a bit more fancy and elegant for e.g. an evening event, but still possible to wear at a normal day.

     (Since it was a present I don't know where it's from)

The silver star was also a present from my parents for a premiere of play I was involved in called "Der Kleine Tag." It's the kind of fan for some cheering up and it's not too big or too small, so I like to wear just as a little (secret) extra for my outfit.

     (This was a present, I don't know where this is from)

The black and silver mask was a present for another premiere but this one I got from my best friend in the world. I love her so much and Iove the smile she has whenever I wear this fan. It just gives your outfit a special touch, too. And the combination of black an silver makes it wearable for every event and outfit.

     (I got those from Bijou Brigitte, but the small and big ones weren't in the same pack)

Last, but not least I always pack a set of white pearl bracelets. I like to mix some bigger qones with some smaller ones which are not of the same kind. For me it's the perfect addition to the pearl earrings and the pearl necklace. I just like the way those bracelets make my arm look a little more elegant.

All of those accessories are kind of plain and in black, white and silver, but those colors just fit almost everything. And when you pack all your stuff and, like me, need a lot of space for clothes (that you probably won't get to wear) it's easier to have some basics that go with everything to save valueable space for clothing.
I wear those accesories so often and I think everyone else thinks I've got just those accesoires when the truth is that I just have way too much accessoires (like 60 pairs of earrings) so that I can't decide which ones to wear. For this occasion it's just nice to have basics that you can get back to in any case.

Have a wonderful day

My perfectly long and curled lashes

Hi there internet friends

I have very balky eyelashes no matter what products I used they always stayed straight and not as Long as I want them to. I wouldn't say that I have very volumous lashes, but when I use black mascara I'm okay with how full they look.

    (This is what the heating eyelash curler 
      looks like; the pink thing is supposed 
      to become white)

Until recently I used a very cheap drugstore mascara called "I love Extreme" by the brand Essence which isn't waterproof. I also used an eyelash curler by the same brand. 
I do believe that it isn't necessary to use a highend mascara because there are so much great drugstore mascaras that are so much cheaper. 

I didn't want to use waterproof mascara because it is much harder to remove and if you don't fully remove the mascara you're lashes can break. And lashes are really, really bad when it comes to growing.  So if you use waterproof mascara be sure to remove all of it before you go to sleep.

I always envy girls who have those full, curled and long lashes that you can see from far away. When I was in the city a month ago in a shop called Tchibo I discovered an eyelash curler  which uses heat. It is more gentle to your lashes and prevents them from breaking like the curling with a normal eyelash curler does. 

I tried it out at home and even though the one I bought isn't perfectly working (it isn't becoming white when it heats up) I got amazing results. Or at least that's what I thought. But history repeated itself when i got home from school. Everyday I went out of the house with awesome curled lashes, but came home with straight lashes. I hated it, but since it wasn't the fault of the eyelash curler I figured I had the wrong mascara or at least my mascara had the wrong texture for my lashes. It was too heavy for my weak lashes and also becaue it wasn't waterproof it didn't keep the curls. 

So I went back into the city and got a waterproof mascara. This time not from the cheapest brand, but still drugstore. I bought the Rocket Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline Jade in waterproof.

In combination with the heating Eyelash curler I get the most amazing results. My lashes are curled, defined and full and long and they stay this way. The mascara doesn't smudge a bit, even when I cried one time it stayed in place. I still use a different mascara for my lower lashes because the big brish is just too big for my lower lashes.

    (This is the result. It's still not 100% what I want, but that's the best I've ever gotten)

It is definitely harder to remove the mascara though. I have trouble getting it al l off my lashes, but with that result I'm totally happy.

Here are my top three tips for perfect lashes in short form:
1.  Try a heating eyelash curler. It does miracles.
2. Try out different mascaras. And do consider using waterproof ones if you are not happy yet. But stay with the ones from the drugstore, you don't need high end for amazing results.
3. Be gentle to your lashes. Try to take care of them. Important  is that you care about them and not only the results. If your lashes are healthy they can grow better and the result will be even greatet. (yeah, that sounds like your lashes are persons and it is a little strange to think like that, but this is true.)

Have a wonderful day

Back To School: Enjoying School

Hi there internet friends.

As I went back to school last week after six weeks just chilling I found myself highly demotivated (especially since a lot of things aren´t working the way I want them to). "That needs to stop, " I said to myself then yesterday. And today is the start of a new week. Why not try to be enjoying school as much as I´ve been last year?
To be honest, there´s no way to really love school, but you can make your school day a little bit easier with some of those tips.

Use the evenings
This might be the most important step to be organised. Pack your bag and plan the clothes you will be wearing the next day in the evening. This way you don´t have to worry about anything in the morning and you also can control if you did all your homework. Forgetting homework might be the worst thing you can do; your teachers will remember it, it will give you a bad grade and it is something you can do for yourself to internalize the stuff teachers talk about.

Set one realistic alarm
I was never one to set like 5 alarms to really get up. Once my alarm went off I can´t go back to sleep no matter how much I want to just because I worry that I might not get everything done. As Zoella (blog) pointed out it doesn´t make sense to train yourself to snooze your alarms. Set yourself one realistic alarm and then get up no matter how much effort it takes.
Also you can choose a fun song if you use an alarm app. A song that always makes you smile will help you to get a good mood though the early time. Such apps sometimes offer barriers (math assignment, etc.) you have to fulfill before you can turn them out. I prefer AlarmDroid as my alarm.

Make a "feeling good" playlist
A playlist with all the songs that make you smile (no matter how old those songs are) will keep your mood up when you get started in the morning. I love mine and I´m always leaving the house with a smile.

Have a shower
This will help you to really wake up. I also wash my hair every second morning while showering, but you don´t need to do that. Just the shower itself helps a lot. It´s an extra if you have a scented shower gel to push your mood. Trust me, a good mood is essential for a good day.

Eat breakfast
I love my healthy breakfast, but you don´t need to eat fruits with joghurt if you don´t like to. Just pick something that gives you energy for the day you will have to survive.

Take snacks with you
This is really important if you want to stay concentrated. I like to take some vegetables and fruits, but also bread with me. You can make the breaks worth a lot more if you take some chocolate bars (but not too much) or other sweets with you. And who doesn´t like eating? Eating cheers everyone up.

Use a calender
I have one of those specifically for school and homework and they are genius. Important for being organised is to note everything from an appointment to homework. I also use my calender to note down the things I have to do in the afternoon. This way I feel like I´ve really done a lot in the evening.

Have a scribble book
Let´s be honest, there just some subjects and teachers were you just can´t stay concentrated though you really, really try. For such matters pack a little notebook you can use for scribbles and notes you have in that lesson. But don´t try to play games with your partner, that´s really not the point of this. I can say that I noted down this list in a lesson and it made the lesson a little bit easier.

Set yourself realistic goals
If you are lazy or shy in school when it comes to raising your hand or just saying anything then don´t worry. I was like that a long, long time, but even I managed to turn this around. The best way is to make a list with all the subjects and everytime you raise your hand you get to make a dash. Now you can either set yourself as a goal to raise your hand like 3 times in every subject and if you achieved that you are allowed to eat that ice cream waiting for you at home or you set yourself a reward: when you´ve raised your hands 20 times in all subjects you can get an ice cream or whatever you want.
This list is also very helpful if you think you deserve a better grade. 

Start learning early enough
Don´t wait until the last evening to learn for a test. Start 5 days earlier with going through your material and writing down everything you need to know. Then just look at this list every day a few times and try some excercises in your book or in the internet. This will get you well prepared and you don´t have to worry about it anymore.

No Rhythm
Don´t let yourself fall into a rhythm you have every morning. Really soon there will be no more fun involved. Change it up just a little bit everytime. Use a different make-up for you eyes or eat something different for breakfast. Add a little sport some mornings or give yourself the time to just check your Facebook some mornings.

Be open for spontaneous changes
There´s always a chance that something goes terribly wrong in the morning because you´re tired and your reflexes don´t work as well. It can be you spilling joghurt over your pants or you screwing your make-up. Stay up early enough to prevent yourself from having stress in the morning. A chilled morning in which you can maybe just paint your nails because you have time left is way better than a morning in which you don´t even have time to eat.

For me the morning is always the time when I´m most awake and it´s the time that defines my day. If I have a bad morning I will be very, very grumpy throughout the whole day. Just try to make your mornings matter more and with these tips there´s nothing in the way of a good day of school (except for yourself maybe).

Have a wonderful day

My Bucket List

Hi there internet friends.

I had a brilliant plan to show you guys my top five nail polishes for autumn since the weather got darker here. But apparently it seems that the summer doesn´t want to leave yet and I don´t really feel like talking about autumn when I´m sitting in the sun.
Also it is way too hot to stay concentrated for a long time (especially after working in this weather) and so I decided for a smaller thing to write about: I want to tell you about my Bucket List or The Things I Want To Do Before The Summer Dies.

1. Go swimming somewhere I´ve never been before (may it be a sea or a pool)
2. Dance in a warm, nice summer rain
3. Try at least six new flavors of ice cream
4. Have a campfire with a lot of friends and a lot of singing with a guitar
5. Sleep outside (a tent might be allowed, too)

I know that I don´t really have much time to fulfill all of those things, but I will try my best. Personally, I love the summer so so much I would like to have summer all year (maybe just mix in two weeks of deep, snowy winter around christmas and new year). Let me know if you love the summer as much as I do and also if you have some things you want to do before the summer ends.

Have a wonderful day

p.s. I will include pictures to my writings soon, they just don´t really fit with those lists, and I will make the lists stop and write about something that has to do more with beauty the next time. Promise. xx

Edit (26.09.2013):

To be honest, the summer just lasted like a week and I wasn´t able to do much of those things. I tried 3 new flavors of ice cream, but I didn´t manage to organize a campfire or to sleep outside. The thing with the rain was that there was none. And the swimming thing was kind of difficult too. But I walked through a lake in Switzerland, with my shoes on, but I´m gonna make that count.
Yeah, well I sucked at this list. Maybe the next season will end better for me.