Is Belle Suffering From Stockholm Syndrome?

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What did you think of Beauty & The Beast the first time you saw it? I distinctly remember being terrified but also absolutely loving it at the same time. As I got older more and more people were telling me that it was just a story sugarcoating the effects of Stockholm Syndrome. Little, uneducated me immediately believed it. But with the live action film coming out this year and my background in Psychology now I started to question whether Belle is actually suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Show Yourself Some Love

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The longest relationship you´ll ever have is with yourself. It took me a while to realize how true this statement is. When I first heard it I was a bit skeptical but now I´m a firm believer in taking care of and loving yourself. We´re just kind of stuck with the body and the mind that we get, so let´s make the best of it! When it comes to self-love we all know the tricks with making lists of our positive features,  taking time for yourself, and reminding ourselves that confidence is super attractive. Those techniques are awesome but they can take quite a bit of time and planning to be effective. Here I´ve compiled 5 little ways in which you can show yourself some love right now - no props needed and they´ll only take a few minutes each. They´re also great if you just need a little pick me up during the day!

Morning Skincare Saviors

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For all the years that I´ve finally understood what a skincare routine is (& why I need one) I have never found a routine that really seemed to help my skin. I have combination skin that is quite acne-prone and most of the products seem to working fine for it. However, I´ve never had a product that made it noticeably better. Well, until now at least. Because I think I´ve found the perfect morning skincare routine for my skin! These two products have honestly saved my skin!

P.S. Also welcome back here! I´ve finally finished my exams and my bachelor thesis and can now get back into blogging. Thanks for all your kind words and well wishes on my Currently Absent post!