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Flowers in front of a House in Biberach, Germany
Hello lovelies,

I´m so sorry but this is just a little post to notify you that I´ll be taking a little break from my blog right now. I´ve talked before about how blogging is currently not really my priority in life. Right now my to-do list is just getting bigger and bigger and uni deadlines are approaching fast. I could definitely continue putting out content but I don´t really see the use if my heart is not in it. I don´t like the feeling of rushing my blog work just so I can continue working on the more important projects. I´ve been very absent from social media in the past few weeks already and since that´s one of my favourite things about blogging, I don´t see the point of purely putting out content and not being part of the community! I really hope you understand my reasons and again, I´m very sorry!

Hopefully I´ll be back around the 9th of August when most my deadlines have past & I´ve written my last ever exam for my bachelor´s degree!


How To Enjoy Makeup In The Summer Heat

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, trend it up Pure Serenity Soft Lipcream, H&M Blouse
I absolutely hate wearing a full face of makeup in summer. I mean, heat, sweat, and heavy makeup are just not a great combination and make me regret putting anything only face. Yet there are some days/events where I don´t feel very comfortable not wearing any makeup - like last year when I had to work 5 days a week. The last summer definitely taught me a lot of tricks when it comes to making makeup more fun in the summer heat and today I´m sharing those with you!

P.S. Many of these tips are just great for keeping your makeup in place as that is always my main issue.

Quick & Easy Vegan Dips

Tomato & Garlic Dip; Guacamole; Vegan Sour Cream; Vegan Chocolate Dip; Bread
Since switching to a dairy-free diet there´s not much that I really miss when it comes to food. Of course, it´s difficult seeing my friends eat pizza with lots of cheese but in general, I´m good living without dairy - besides the fact that it means not fighting my stomach as much. Theres one thing though that always bothers me: There are so little options when it comes to dips without dairy! So for the past few months I´ve been experimenting with different recipes and have found 4 super delicious yet super easy vegan dips that will serve you for any occasion.

Signature Scent: Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume

Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume; Primark Eyelash Curler; Fresh Peonies
There´s something about wearing a perfume that makes me feel so special. I love purposefully choosing the scent of my day; I feel like it gives a direction to my day as well as a little more of a sway to my hips. For years I´ve been on the hunt for an affordable signature scent. You know, a perfume that´s the exact right mixture of sweetness and darkness that it can be worn all year around with any outfit and for any occasion. A scent that I can identify myself with - however weird that might sound. I think I have finally found that scent in the Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume.

Am I Still A Beauty Blogger?

Lahaye Oval Brushes; Primark picture frame; Primark Quote; essence The Metals Eye Shadow Rose Razzle-dazzle; essence The Metals Eyeshadow Ballerina Glam; Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Bettina; Kiko Eyeshadow, essence My Must Haves Palette, Trend It Up Comfortable Matte Liquid Lipstick
If you´ve been with me on this blogging journey for a while you might have seen a few changes in my posts lately. Following Lisa started out as a blog centered around beauty and makeup - partly, because that was all I knew in the blogging world and partly, because makeup is something I absolutely love. While I still try to include beauty topics every month I´m sharing more and more personal or general lifestyle posts now. This has recently led me to question whether I can even still call myself a beauty blogger.

Metallic Makeup Picks

p2 Techno Chrome Nail Polish 050 Bronze Cut, NYX Cosmic Metals Liquid Lipstick Speed of Light, Primark Necklace, Ikea Decoration
As with almost every trend the metallic trend almost completely washed over me. The only thing I really fell for was rose gold and copper everything... and I mean EVERYTHING. However, when I looked through my makeup drawers lately to find props for a flatlay I was very surprised to find a decent selection of metallic makeup products. I must´ve picked them up one by one without realizing that I was slowly adopting the trend. So here are a non-metallic lover´s metallic makeup picks aka metallic products that you can incorporate into your everyday makeup.

5 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Awesome & My Favourite Ones

Apple EarPods; Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blush; notebook
I really never pictured myself as a podcast gal. "I have a hard time listening to audiobooks so why would I enjoy podcasts?!" were my exact thoughts one day. But oh boy, was I wrong. When my anxiety got worse music just wasn´t enough anymore to calm me down. I needed something more and that´s where podcasts came first into play. Nowadays, I´m listening to podcasts everyday and even prefer them over my otherwise beloved music. If you still haven´t stumbled into the world of podcasts yet, here are 5 reasons why podcast are awesome. I´m also sharing a few of my favourite ones that I think everyone should listen to!

4 Lipsticks, 1 Shade

Catrice Metal Eyeshadow, P2 Technochorme nail polish, Urban Decay Comfort Matte Lipstick Backtalk, PS Velvet Matte Lip Crayon Uncovered, NYX Matte Lipsitick Whipped Caviar, Catrice Blush
It´s just one of those stereotypes: Women hoard things. I´d so like to prove everyone wrong that says that but funnily enough, I haven´t met one woman that doesn´t hoard something. Whether it´s something typical like shoes or bags or something a little different like cute kitchen utensils or books. For me, that thing is makeup or to specify it a little more: lipsticks. Lip products alone make up about 1/3 of my entire makeup collection - I wish I was kidding! Yet I keep buying more and more. Something I´ve realized recently is that I just keep on buying more lipsticks of the same mauve nude shade because I constantly fall head over heels in love with it. So here are 4 of my favourite lipsticks that are actually almost the same shade - but we´re going to pretend they aren´t!

When Blogging Is Taking A Backseat

f you´re a blogger you´ll probably have experienced the stress of juggling blogging and uh, well... the rest of your life. Blogging is not just a hobby where you need to take away an hour or two each week to attend a class; blogging is a full-time commitment! And I absolutely love that about it because it keeps me busy and gives me something to do everyday that I absolutely love doing. It´s just that sometimes my life needs more of my attention which always makes me feel like a failure. I absolutely hate when blogging ist taking a backseat in my life.

Why We Need Mental Health Representation In Mainstream Media

Recently, I´ve been talking an awful lot about 13 Reasons Why and Dear Evan Hansen here on my blog and over on my social media. Both are very good examples of how mental health is finally being accepted into mainstream media and both are discussed a lot online. But whereas Dear Evan Hansen seems to live on a super hype right now - have you been on Tumblr lately?! - 13 Reasons Why has split the internet. Many people love it but some think it´s a bad representation of the issues it discusses. But here´s the thing: Whether you like it or not this well-produced representation of mental health issues in mainstream media is badly needed!

Cruelty-Free Skincare Haul

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask; Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Soufflé Moisturizer; Burt´s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream
I´ve been loving my skincare recently - or rather loving experimenting with it. Since I´ve gotten over that "I have acne so my skin must be super sensitive" phase I´ve been trying at lot more different products. Obviously when I had some vouchers and money from my birthday left I treated myself with a little cruelty-free skincare order. I spent a few hours on the internet as you do and found some great cruelty-free products that I want to add to my skincare routine.

Who Should I Tell About My Mental Illness?

I think it´s very well established that struggling with mental health will impact your life in a major way. Most likely, it´ll be hard to hide that struggle from everyone in your life. Well, unless you completely isolate yourself which should neither be an option nor a goal if you´re already struggling! That then begs the question who should an who do I need to tell about my mental illness/struggles? I remember not finding an answer to this question when I first realized that I had some sort of anxiety issue. So here I´ve compiled a list of people who you should and shouldn´t tell about your mental illness from my own experience and my knowledge as a Psychology student.

5 Style Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

Primark Top, Only Embroidered Top, New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick, Primark Eyelash Curler, Topshop Highlighter Glow
Style is something that comes very natural to some people and to others ... it just doesn´t. I definitely belong to the ladder group. When I just grab something out of my closet to throw on I look like a little girl dressed me. But in the past year I´ve really been making an effort to try more things, be braver and bolder and just generally find my own style (and stick to it). And it´s been quite successful - if I may say so myself. However, my teen years (and even my early adult years) were filled with a lot of style mistakes that I regret now and today I´m sharing them with you. Maybe they´ll make you laugh too!

The Psychology Behind Faking It

"Fake it till you make it" is just one of those sayings that everyone has heard about a million times. Or at least I know it was thrown at me from everyone when I was struggling with my confidence. Naive, young teenage me shrugged it all off - how is pretending gonna help me at all?!?! - and just continued her life as usual. Now after almost 3 years of studying Psychology I´ve realized that maybe shrugging it off was wrong. I could´ve build my confidence way easier because faking it actually works and here´s how!

Essence My Must Haves Face & Lips Review

Essence My Must Haves Palette, Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Satin Blush 01
With their new releases at the start of the year essence also launched a new range called My Must Haves. The must haves consists of blushes, highlights, lip powders and each shadows in individual pans so that you can create your own 4- or 8-pan palette. I did take notice of this launch but never bought anything from the range until I saw their birthday edition in April. Basically, essence is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and therefore have released limited edition palettes and products for their My Must Have range. The limited live.laugh.celebrate edition is available from April to June this year. With the fun, party look of the palettes I just couldn´t resist and bought the 4-pan version and three blushes, a highlighter, the lip base and a lip powder to fill it with.

I Could Have Been Hannah Baker

If you haven´t succumbed to the hype that is 13 Reasons Why yet I take my hat off for you! I´d also suggest for you to give into the hype as quickly as possible because the show, story and characters are truly amazing! I´ve listed 13 reasons why I loved 13 Reasons Why before on here and I could honestly come up with a hundred more. This show and story are really not coming off my mind and there were lots of parts that really touched me deeply. But one thought has been stuck so deep within me that I just had to share it: I could´ve been Hannah Baker.

Natural Makeup Favourites

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eye Palete, Primark Bombshell Perfume, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish
I´m not really often in the mood to do a full and extravagant makeup look. They´re super fun to create but as I mentioned many times on this blog I´m just to lazy to do this every morning (also sleep is everything!). While I do love feeling a bit more extravagant from time to time I also really enjoy being my down-to-earth self. That´s why you´ll find me mostly wearing a very natural look - which one of my friends recently complimented me on (thanks again *blushes*). Over the years and especially recently I´ve acquired a few favourite makeup items that I´m likely to grab when I go for my natural look.

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Dear Evan Hansen

Apple Headphones, Kiko Milano Cream Blush
Firstly, I have to apologize to my neighbours for having to listen to my horrible, horrible singing voice for the past week. I have discovered the magical unicorn of a Broadway musical called Dear Evan Hansen and oh my god, is the music mindblowingly amazing or what?! So for the past week I´ve been singing along to the songs pretty much non-stop #sorrynotsorry. I knew immediately that I wanted to share this new love of mine with you but Broadway is a little bit far away for me to go see and review the musical. Instead I´ll tell you about five reasons why you should listen to the album and why I relate to it so much.

10 Best Blogger Tips I´ve Gotten

iPhone 6S, Asos Watch, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Ebelin Blending Brush, Kylie Lip Kit Candy K, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Kiko Lipstick
You know why I love blogging so much? Well partly because I love rambling on and on about whatever is going on my mind but mostly because this community is so amazing! I talk to bloggers daily on Twitter and I couldn´t wish for better friends. In my almost four years of blogging I´ve gotten a lot of different tips from other bloggers. After keeping them to myself for a long while now I thought it would be only fair to share the 10 best blogger tips I´ve gotten with all of you!

My Everyday Beauty Tools

Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Silicone Sponge
I´d lie if I said that I´m wearing makeup everyday of the week. It has actually gotten really rare that I wear a full face of makeup. I blame this on my semester break & general uni schedule! Very recently I shared my honest everyday makeup routine which is what my makeup looks like on those rare days. Alongside with that makeup goes an array of beauty tools. I thought I´d be lovely to see the combination of both together (plus, I´d love to discuss the beauty tools you use).

Let´s start at the beginning of my routine. My foundation is usually applied using the PS Pro Oval Brush. It´s very obviously a dupe to the Artis brushes and the first one of it´s kind that I got. I love how easy it is to use and how effortlessly it blends any foundation on my face. The size is exactly perfect for my whole face; big enough for my forehead and cheeks but small enough for my eyes and nose. What more could I want? Recently I´ve been using my Silocone Sponge for concealer. You can see a full review of it and a comparison of the Beauty Blender on my blog. The reason I´ve been choosing it over my Beauty Blender is that I love the flawless finish that can easily hide all the spots on my face right now. I´ve also found that using it just for concealer doesn´t make my face look as spotty as using it for foundation does.

Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Silicone Sponge, Ebelin Blending Brush, Kyle Lipkit Candy Ki, NYX Soft Matte Lipcream

My favourite trio of brushes that I own are the Real Techniques Powder, Expert Face and Blush Brush. There are just so fluffy and soft and even though I bought the first one back in 2014 it still looks as good as new. I use the Powder Brush for applying my powder to set my whole face. It´s easily the best big fluffy brush I have ever tried and it has been a staple in my makeup routine for years now. The Blush Brush is the perfect size and fluffiness for applying my blush. In all honesty my blush has never looked more natural on my face! Now the Expert Face Brush is the one that I don´t use for it´s intended purpose. I´ve found it to be a great size and softness for applying and blending my highlighter. It also makes it look very natural.

Moving on to the last step, my eyes. I have a trio that I mostly use for this too. I bought these two Lahaye Oval Brushes in my local drugstore on a whim and they turned out to be really amazing. Obviously they´re dupes for the Artis brushes as well but this time in a smaller form. These two are amazing for applying eyeshadow very precisely all over my eyes. They also have the perfect mixture of stability and softness so that they take up enough product which is amazing. Plus, they´re super gorgeous to look at! The last brush on the list is the Ebelin Blending Brush and I think it´s my favourite brush ever. It´s soft and fluffy but also has stability and is large enough to blend really effortlessly. Sadly, it´s been discontinued and the one they have now is just a tiny bit too fluffy and just a bit too small (I´m picky when it comes to blending brushes)! I´ve been using this one for years and it´s beginning to look a bit grubby but I know this is probably the one brush I´ll use until it´s on its last fibre (don´t judge me!).

Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Ebelin Blending Brush

I´m really into soft and fluffy brushes - as you can tell - as they feel so amazing on my face and I think that´s why I have such a love for Real Techniques brushes. None of theirs have disappointed me yet! I don´t know if it´s weird that I don´t use any other beauty tools during my makeup routine but this has proven to be the easiest and quickest way to get my makeup done. I also don´t use a lash curler anymore because my lashes are so straight that it only works for a second so it´s not worth the effort for me. Plus, I´m kind of lazy. I´m definitely open for suggestions of amazing brushes and other tools (preferably cruelty-free) if you´re tried any! My brush collection can always be growing.

What is your favourite brush/beauty tool? Do you curl your lashes?

How To Help Someone During Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Anxiety is, like many other mental disorders, a very complex experience. It´s often hard to understand for the people suffering and even harder to understand for someone who isn´t. I mean how could you understand someone being afraid of something irrational so much that it controls their entire life? During my personal fight with anxiety I´ve found other people to be a very helpful resource. but how is someone supposed to know how to help if they don´t understand what´s going on?! Here´s a little guide as to how everyone can help a person that is suffering from an anxious episode or panic attack.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental disorder that, in its very basic conception, is an overreaction to a reasonable (or unreasonable) fearful situation. It is often accompanied by a lot of worrying in general, panic attacks and physical symptoms like elevated heart rate, sweating or feeling sick. There are thousands of different anxiety disorders and therefore different experiences of symptoms and triggers. It can also be caused by a variety of factors but some anxiety patients recall a certain traumatic experience that was the started point. It´s a very individual disorder so talking with the person that is suffering from it is always best.

For me there have been two distinct forms when my anxiety comes up. First off are anxious episodes. These are a longer time period in which I have a rather high anxiety level where my thoughts spin around my worries and I experience mild physical symptoms. If it´s worse these episodes could take weeks until their over. Often their caused by something I´m afraid of in the very near future or general stress. Secondly, there are panic attacks. It´s the typical thing you hear about with anxiety: a short time period (most likely 10-20 minutes) in which I feel extremely anxious, can´t think about anything else and experience high physical symptoms.

The First Step

When someone confides in you and tells you that they´re struggling with anxiety you´re most likely in a position where it´s likely that you´ll be with that person during either an anxious episode or panic attack. The first and most important step in that situation is asking the person for how you can help them should they experience any symptoms around you. As I said before anxiety is a very individual thing so what works for someone else might not work for your person. Asking this question while they experience such a situation is often not really helpful as they might not be able to express themselves or might not even know what they want. But with experiencing a few episodes or attacks people with anxiety quickly learn what will help them in that situation. Nonetheless if you´re unsure around a currently anxious person ask them! If they can´t give you an outright answer try coming up with ways to help them and just ask them if that would be okay. Often a nod or shake of the head is still possible.

To help you come up with ideas on what might be helpful or just get a general idea of how you can help someone suffering from anxiety I´ve listed 5 things I would like someone to do during an anxious episode or panic attack.

How To Help With An Anxious Episode

1. Be aware of changes in their behavior. The most important thing is noticing when an Episode beings because it rarely ever announces itself. Whenever I experience an anxious episode I pull everything inward as everything is surrounding my worries. So noticing if I keep my hands to myself (or even at my belly) or if my eyes are centered on whatever is in front of me and mostly if I still actively take part in whatever is going on around me are great indicators.

2. Directly speak to them. While everything pulls inward so are my thoughts and worries that are then taking over my mind. Try to talk to me and get me to actively engage in a conversation. Often forcing me out of my head that way can make me click out of my episode. If that doesn´t work just keep talking at me to give me something else to think about. Please be aware though that you should always speak very calmly and relaxed to someone with anxiety. Screaming at them will not drown out their worries but rather make them worse.

3. Give them support. Simply be there for me whether that is done by talking with me through my worries or simply giving me a tight hug. Often getting a more rational view on my worries gives me a bit more confidence and like many other anxious people I really like the feeling of being supported by someone. Also I often tend to forget everything that I´ve already accomplished despite my anxiety so reminding me of those things really helps.

4. Try to take their mind off. Similarly with talking to me just do anything to get me out of my own head. I know that for me watching short-lived, colorful, lighthearted and engaging content (e.g. Friends) really helps calm me and my thoughts down. I also really like watching Youtube videos in those situations. Just make sure that whatever you´re putting on for me has no triggers in it.

5. Go outside. Movement is honestly the best antidote to an anxious episode as my brain has to focus on it rather than whatever worries are currently spinning around my head. Plus, fresh air is always the best thing and definitely helps to clear my mind and make me breath deeper. So having someone to encourage you to actually go outside and not dwell on the anxiety is amazing!

How To Help With Panic Attacks

1. Give them privacy. When I have a panic attack I only want one thing: escape the situation. Your first step should always be to help me accomplish that. If we´re alone or at home try to leave the room of if we´re in public with no private space try to act as a wall between me and other people. This might sound contradictory but also stay close by to help me get through the panic attack. This could be done by staying in front of the door that is left a tiny bit open. Just whatever you do don´t look directly at me.

2. Help them remember ways to overcome panic attacks. When you´re staying close by you can remind me of certain breathing or relaxation techniques that I´ve learned in therapy. I know many of those techniques but sometimes when I get into a panic I might just not think about them. So reminding me is always helpful. If you can´t think of a certain technique in the moment then just encourage me to take deep belly breaths. That is the easiest and most common technique.

3. Be predictable. As much as jumping in and out of the room to bring me everything I need is a very cute gesture please don´t do it when I´m having a panic attack. When I´m being taken over by my own thought I can´t anticipate your next move and therefore am easily startled which will drive me deeper into the panic. Just try staying close and talking me through your every move before you actually move so that I know it before it happens. I might not consciously hear your words but my body will anticipate movement on your side.

4. Ask them to do a very basic task. While deep breathing is a great technique to slow down my physical symptoms my brain might still be occupied by panic thoughts. Try to ask me to repeat a very simple task such as raising my arms above my head or counting backwards from a set number over and over again. This will activate a different area of my brain and therefore make me focus on something besides my worries.

5. Take care of them afterwards. A panic attack is basically a big rush of adrenaline in my brain that decreases during a (hopefully) short time. So I feel almost dead afterwards. When I do just take care of me. Give me food, water, quiet and something I can watch or listen to. Help me relax and overcome the horrors I´ve just experienced. Depending on how I´m feeling a few hours later making me go outside for a walk or even seeing really close friends (very simple, comfortable things) can also help a lot to go into the next day with a positive feeling.

It is important to remember that my personal experience doesn´t account for every person that is suffering from anxiety. That is why talking to the person is really important. I honestly wished my family and friends would have asked me what exactly to do once we established that I had anxiety. I can only imagine how hard somebody´s anxiety can affect the life of other´s (as I´m mainly the person with anxiety). But if it affects me this much it must have a pretty bad effect on the people around me as well. I just hope whatever position you´re in that you´re staying safe and taking care of yourself too. Helping someone fight anxiety is a difficult and important task but you should never risk  your own mental health for it. Yes, anxiety is a very tough fight but it´s a fight that can be won!

13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why Is Amazing

Notebook with the 13 reasons; Lahaye Brushes; Tulips; Primark Accessories

Have you ever read a book that stuck with you for years afterwards? For me one of those books was 13 Reasons Why which I read when I was about 13 years old. It was such a gripping story that I read it within a few days (or rather nights). I mean, my 13-year-old self with school every day gave up sleep for this book! Sadly, somehow over the past eight years I forgot most things about this book and story but I did remember the feeling and fascination from back then. Watching the whole show in two nights I absolutely loved it and just can´t stop thinking about it. So here are 13 Reasons Why the 13 Reasons Why Netflix Original is amazing (even if you´ve never read the book!).

Book Round Up 2017 I

I´m honestly such a fangirl. I love being totally submerged into fictional characters, their stories and their universe. I consider fictional universes to be one of my safe and happy places. Books were my gateway drug and the first way I entered any fictional universe. I used to read so much from such a young age on! But as I got older things got in the way and I haven´t read as much as I wanted for ages. This year I´ve set myself a goal of 20 books though and am quite determined to read at least that much. So here are all the books I read during the first quarter of 2017.

Travel Lipstick Picks

Nude Stix Lip and Cheek Pencil; New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dark Rose; NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes; Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick Set in Candy K; Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bettina
As you might know I´m constantly traveling back and forth between my own flat at uni and my parents´ house. While I´ve become really good at packing in the past 2.5 years you can bet that I´ll bring too much makeup with me every time. In all honesty, when I´m at my parents´ I very rarely ever wear makeup as I´m mostly working at home. For the first time in the past years I´ve limited myself for this semester break and only took four lipsticks with me ... or so I thought. It turns out that I actually took eight. So here are my 4 8 travel lipstick picks.

Dear Anxiety, You Suck.

I´m doing that blogger thing of staring at the blinking cursor and just not knowing where to start with this post. Truth is, this is not the post I wanted to go up today. But this is my little safe space on the internet where I talk about the things that are currently relevant to my life. As of right now, the most relevant thing for me is my anxiety. And it sucks.

50 Thoughts I Had While Watching Beauty & The Beast

Ever since I was a little child Disney films were my favourites... right after Barbie films (I was THAT girl). Telling tales of romance, family, friendship and bravery sprinkled with animal sidekicks, princesses and magic; what´s not to love for a little girl woman?! I still get super excited when there´s a new Disney film coming. Immediately, I knew I had to watch the new Beauty & The Beast and so I did last weekend. But what did I think of it? Ist is just as good or even better than the first Disney version? Here are 50 thoughts I had while watching the new Beauty and The Beast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

7 Things To Make You Happy

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Lahaye Brushes
Despite the first day of spring having been on Monday I´ve been feeling pretty under the weather. I don´t know where this has come from but I know that I have to do something about it. And guessing from my Twitter feed, many of you are feeling similarly. I guess it´s down to this constant weather changing. But instead of sulking in self-pity here are seven things we can all do to feel happier!

Soak In Signs Of Spring

While it might look grey and dull outside most of the time right now, the weather predictions are actually quite positive. Spring is definitely on its way now and soon the glorious sunshine days will outweigh the rainy, dull ones. Also I can hear the birds chirp gin outside, there´s flowers and trees slowly blossoming everywhere and their smell is slowly taking over the air. Spending time outside and appreciating all the little signs of spring approaching will make you instantly happy. Just look at those happy, bright flowers!

Spending Time With Loved Ones

One thing that is guaranteed to make me happy is being around the people I love. As I´ve been at my parents for my semester break lately, I´ve been spending a lot more time with them and that is something that always pulls me out of a rut. Just being in contact with your loved ones, planning and doing activities can make all the difference in the world. As a little bonus, it´s sure to take your mind off of things and sometimes talking about whatever is putting you down can help you get through it.

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Primark Necklace, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Lahaye Brushes, Zoella Blissful Mistful

Escape The World

This might sound counterintuitive but getting out of your head and your problems for a moment can be so refreshing and make you instantly happy. It might even give you a solution which you haven´t thought of before just because you´re starting with a fresh and relaxed mind. So go, grab a book, catch up on Youtube, blogs or any tv show and just enjoy a bit of time outside of your own head.

Retail Therapy

I´m definitely not advising you to totally upset your bank balance here but treating yourself to something you´ve wanted for a long time can work wonders for your mind. This can be anything from the chocolate that has been banned from your diet, a new shirt you´ve fallen in love with or a foundation you´ve wanted to try for ages. Retail therapy doesn´t have to be about treating yourself to as many things as possible. Instead it can be about giving yourself a reward for a hard time and just something to cheer you up.

Bring Spring Into Your Home

If you can´t go outside because the weather still sucks, then just bring spring into your own walls. Get not hat good old spring clean an then start decorating again. Maybe even get some fresh flowers and dot them around with pastel colours. Those two things are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. I´ve also discussed the healing powers of cleaning and getting rid of old things before and this is just one of the easiest things to do to clear your head and lift your spirit.

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Primark Necklace, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Lahaye Brushes

Treat Your Body & Mind Right

This might sound ridiculous but we often abuse our mind and body to the point of breakdown. Making an effort to treat yourself right can make such a big difference to your happiness. Your body needs exercise, fresh air and nutrients. I always notice that after a period of eating only crap I feel like crap too. Making an effort to move your body just a bit (e.g. taking walks) and giving it nutrients can work wonders for me. Similarly, your mind needs rest and stimulation. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day is one of the main reasons I feel like crap. Allow your mind to relax in the evening by having a little pamper session and give it some much needed stimulation by going outside and changing your surroundings.

Appreciate Your Achievements

This is a very cheesy point but you can be so happy and proud of everything you´ve achieved in your life so far. You did survive 100% of the days in your life (which is an achievement tin itself) and you´ve dealt with and gone through a lot of hard times. It really doesn´t matter if you´ve not been productive in the last few weeks or if your grades suck right now or if your blog still doesn´t have thousands of followers. All that really matters is that you are here right now and that you did all of these amazing things in your life. Instead of knocking yourself down about everything that´s going wrong appreciate the things you achieved! That alone can make you so happy.

What works the switch in your brain to find happiness and motivation again will definitely depend on a lot of factors. In the end, it´s up to you to find that one thing that´ll do the trick. For me embracing the little signs of spring and the beauty of the season as well as cutting myself some slack and scheduling in relaxation times help a lot. That always goes hand in hand with spending more time outside which my mind definitely appreciates. I´m very much determined to get out of this rut and start working productively again and those seven things are definitely going to be a part of it.

What´s one thing that immediately puts you in a good mood? What signs of spring can you already see?

Battle Of The Beauty Sponges

Beauty Blender, Silicone Sponge, Tulips, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Lahaye Brushes
When I looked back through old posts for my Blog Photography Journey post I was very surprised to find that I have been talking about Beauty Blenders almost right from the start on. Can you believe they´ve been around for almost 4 years now? I feel like a Beauty Blender is a staple in every blogger´s makeup bag now. But they´re certainly not the only sponge applicator in the beauty universe. Recently these Silicon Sponges have been popping up all over instagram. They have been preached to be even better as they save product and blend everything into a flawless foundation. I was intrigued and ordered one for myself. Does it hold up to its claims? Which beauty sponge is actually better?

Note: I´ve been using a dupe for the Beauty Blender for years now. As I got the Silicone Sponge form Amazon, there´s a chance that it´s a dupe as well. Still, they serve the exact same purpose as their originals.

Blog Photography - My Journey & Tips

Kiko Eyeshadow, Asos Watch, Zara Scarf, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist
On the 1st September 2013 I pressed publish on my first ever blog post. That´s so crazy to see written out! Obviously, my blog has been on a big journey ever since that first post. I have evolved, my design has changed multiple times, I´ve found my style of writing and most of all, my photography has gotten so much better (if I may say so myself). Because I always feel so inspired when reading how much other´s have improved in some part of their life I thought I´d share my journey with blog photography. I´ve also added a few helpful tips I wish someone had told me earlier.

Three Spring Outfits On A Budget

H&M Blouse, H&M Sweatshirt, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Lahaye Brushes, Essie Nail Polish
Have you cleaned out your wardrobe for spring yet? I´ll admit it first: I haven´t. But I´m definitely looking forward to it. Mainly because cleaning out my wardrobe means I get to buy loads of new clothes, right? As a student I don't have a massive budget though. While scrolling through my favourite online shops recently I realized that I definitely won´t be able to fulfill all my wishes unless I robbed a bank (and that´s illegal even if you have a good reason for it). So I´ve set myself a little challenge and tried to create different spring looks based on three different websites within a budget of £80 each.

#Girlproblems - Switching Seasons

Pink Spring Flowers against Blue Sky
It´s March which means spring is finally coming! I´m writing this as the rain is pouring down my window but I´ve decided I´d rather focus on the beautiful tulips in front of me. It´s spring now! As happy as I am for the seasons changing (because I love them all equally) this is always associated with a few problems, especially for us girls. Life as a girl isn´t easy. Life as a boy isn´t either and don´t even get me started on minorities. But I´m coming from the standpoint of a 20-year-old woman/girl so I thought I´d approach all the problems we girls experience in a little series called #Girlproblems. Today let´s talk Switching Seasons.

5 Psychological Tests That Are Fooling You

The Happiness Planner, Lahaye Brushes, Essie Nail Polish, Zoealla Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Primark Eyelash Curler
A very big part of studying Psychology is methodology (and statistics). It´s something almost all student moan about as it´s not "interesting enough". But here´s the thing: How are psychologists supposed to know what goes on in your mind without these standardized tests? Unfortunately, the mainstream media takes some of those tests and really hypes them up without looking behind their facade. Because the hype about some psychological tests drive me crazy, here are 5 hyped psychological tests that psychologists don´t use.

Reacting To Old Tags

Iphone 6S Rosegold, Kiko Eyeshadow, Asos Watch
My sister recently turned 18 and I am so proud of everything she has achieved in life so far (she´s still my little baby sister though). I really wanted to gift her something memorable and made her a slideshow of her life so far. It was so much fun but it also meant I had to look through a bunch of old video clips and pictures of her and me. Oh my, was I an asshole as a kid and such an awkward teenager. I then started looking back through old posts on this blog and I did quite a few tags at the beginning which are cringy interesting to read. To embarrass myself even more (because that´s what this blog is for) I´m now sharing those old tags with you.


At the start of the year I said that I didn´t want to have any resolutions. My goal is rather looking back on 2017 and being happy about it in general (especially since 2016 was such a crappy year for me!). So when I was introduced to the NRS Healthcare #StayHappy2017 campaign it seemed like a perfect fit. Inspired by their suggestions I´ve set myself a little challenge of 10 things that are going to help me be more positive this year.

My Honest Daily Makeup Routine

Maybelline Brow Sculpting Mascara, Primark Eyelash Curler, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, Maybelline Super Stay 24h Liquid Foundation, Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist
I love makeup. Well, that should be obviously from this whole blog. But the truth is I don´t wear as much makeup as you´d expect from someone who is so obsessed with it. Honestly, I value my sleep way too much and I could never get up an hour early just to put more paint on my face. I´ve recently seen a few videos where bigger bloggers share their daily makeup and I was left in awe of how long they spent on it every morning. So to contradict those videos a bit I thought I´d show you the everyday makeup of a 20-year-old university student that only spends about 15 minutes in front of the mirror each morning.

How Theories of Time Management Can Help You

Asks Watch Gold, Marble, Pink; Primark Necklace; fresh flowers
In one of the many Twitter chats I´ve been a part of we somehow got into the topic of Time Management. It´s a metaskill that helps you organize and structure your work so that you´ll be super efficient. It seems like it´s one of those skills that some people have and others just don´t. But that´s not true. In my studies I had two lectures on what we call Work and Organizational Psychology which is focused on businesses, their structures and the happiness of their workers. I was taught a lot about time management as well including these four theories that are actually really easy to implement in your everyday work. And I promise they can work for everyone!

5 Beauty Products That Disappointed Me

Zoella Wonder Hand Moisturizing Hand Cream, Primark Gold Rings, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish
I´ll admit it: I get so tempted by bloggers to buy beauty products I really don´t need. If one of my favourite bloggers recommends it there´a very high chance that product will land in my shopping basket some time soon. Guessing from how hyped some products get I guess we´re all a bit guilty of that. But in the end we´re all different and therefore the same product can work very differently for us. We´ve all bought a very hyped beauty product just to find out that it´s not as amazing as we thought it would be. Here are 5 beauty products that disappointed me.

A Day With Anxiety

Riverside with stones, Donau, Ulm
I´ve talked about this quite a lot on Twitter before and mentioned it a few times on this blog as well: I have anxiety disorders. Yep, multiple ones. I know first hand how stupid anxious thoughts can be and how irrational they often get. I´m lucky that I have a very good support system in my family and that my parents try really hard to understand what´s going on in my mind. But it´s hard. It´s so hard for someone to understand these thoughts if you´ve never experienced anything like it. It´s hard to see what it does to your mind. So I picked a day last week and noted down all the thoughts that my anxiety caused over the course of that day. Maybe this´ll help to understand what goes on in the head of someone with anxiety.

Disclaimer: This post might trigger anxious thoughts or anxiety attacks!

Falling In Love With Pink

Asks Watch, Loreal Perfect Match Highlighter, Benefit Rollerlash Mascara, Catrice All About Rose Palette
"Only girls like pink." Oh, how often I heard this sentence from a boy´s mouth when I was young. I´m a girl (obviously) and even though I liked playing with dolls and dressing up I also very much enjoyed climbing on trees outside or playing with Lego. From childhood on this didn´t change much. I´ve always been stuck between a tomboy and a girly girl. For the longest time I despised the colour pink because I could never identify with it. Pink was meant for girly girls only! Lately, I´ve kind of fallen in love with the colour though and here´s why.