Top 7 Summer Lipsticks

I am currently obsessed with lipsticks. Especially bright colors for spring and summer have taken over my lips (and my heart). Maybe Zoella´s latest video also had something to do with it. I now really want the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Peach Poppy but they don´t have it in Germany. So I´m going to have to stick with what I have in my own drawer for now. They´re are quite a few bright lipsticks in it.

For me, summer and spring are the only seasons where you can get away with wearing orange lipstick. I am not yet brave enough to go full orange, but the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 027 Juicy Papaya is great for starters. It really just gives your lips a slight tint and mostly adds just a dewy look to them. The color it has on my lips is not as orange as it´s in the packaging. I love the shimmer it gives my lips.

Whenever I feel a little bit braver, I go for the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter in 005 Pretty Poppy. It´s not as sheer as the Revlon Lip Butter and really gives you orange lips though it´s still a light orange. It´s definitely not as bold as any other lipstick. I really love the color with a slight coral undertone. The formulae of the Lipcolor Butters is amazing. They feel really light, are easy to apply, last for a long time and give your lips the perfect shimmer. They are also supposed to moisturize your lips as they are a part lip balm.

A lipstick that has really surprised me is the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 13 Love Me. It´s a really nice nude peach that´s perfect for this season. I really didn´t expect much from this lipstick but it has blown my mind. It actually stays on for a long time and it stays true to its color on the lips. It doesn´t have any glitter in it, so it just gives you a nice dewy look.

I think I have talked about the Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in 148 Summer Pink on this blog before. I am absolutely in love with it. It´s not a bold pink but with the glitter in it and its sheer formula it makes your lips look so nice. I really love it for summer and spring because the sun reflects beautifully on it (besides the obvious: the color is gorgeous!). Also this one smells really nice!

Quite a new addition to my collection is the Lóreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in 285 Pink Fever. It immediately spoke to me because of the pretty packaging and the even prettier color. It´s quite similar to the Maybelline Lipstick but then also so different. It´s not sheer and it has bigger glitter particles in it making it look different. I think this tone of pink really suits me well and I love the light formula.

Surprisingly, I don´t own many coral lip products but the one I absolutely adore is the Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish in 030 Strawberry´s Secret. Whenever I wear this I get so many compliments on how pretty the color it. It´s quite a bold color without any glitter, so it just adds up to a dewy look. It really stays on for a long time even though it looses it´s shiny finish after I´ve eaten something.  It´s really easy to apply with the doe foot applicator as well (because that´s important with these lip stains!).

For when I am feeling really bold and brave, I´ve got the Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock. It´s a bright matte pink that I love to top off with a glittery lipgloss. Even though it´s matte it feels really smooth on my lips and hasn´t dried them out once. I think this is perfect for summer parties or just generally having fun.

As you can see pink, orange and coral are definitely my colors for spring and summer. I tend to wear darker lipsticks from time to time but this year I really want to stick to bright colors to lighten up my days. I honestly can´t pick a favorite out of all these lipsticks because they´re all so different from each other and each of them is perfect for a different day and a different event. I think I´ll stay with the more sheer colors for uni though as they are easier to care for and fade pretty evenly.

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  1. great post, love the shades here especially Brighton Rock!
    Emily x


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