How To Deal With Your Family Around Christmas

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I'm very lucky to have a small family so that I've never experienced the horrors of distant aunts and uncles putting me down at every big family celebration. But I can surely imagine how off-putting and annoying it must be. Personally, I'm not good in any social context so I know I´d probably be too baffled or too nice to say something to my relatives. However, days later I´d come up with the perfect answer - polite but yet shutting them down - to that stupid question. Here I am thinking ahead for anyone who has to deal with their relatives around Christmas and coming up a few easy things you could say to the most annoying questions your relatives might ask.

How To Find Personalised Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful time but also a stressful one. There's such a rush to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. For me, the perfect gifts are always personalised. I feel like people really appreciate personalised gifts and I think their smiles are even wider when they get a really personalised Christmas gift. Recently, in a few twitter chats people asked me how I come up with ideas for these personalised gifts. Instead of just telling just those people I'm sharing 7 tips to help you find the perfect personalised gift this Christmas.

My Dream Christmas Reading Space

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Reading has been a very important part of my life ever since I could grasp the concept of words. Especially in winter reading just seems like the cosiest activity and brings me that feeling of home. Since I recently moved to a new flat I've been doing a lot of Christmas decorating lately and I can´t stop imagining my future grown-up home all decked out for the holidays - because decorating just one room gets kind of repetitive. With my love for reading a dedicated little reading space would absolutely be essential in my future home. Of course my dream reading space would have to have a full Christmas theme as well - maybe even for the whole year around!

Makeup & Comfort Zones

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"But you look better without makeup" is probably the worst thing anyone could say to me. Firstly, because that's a rubbish way to compliment me. Secondly, because makeup might enhance my appearance but that's often not the only reason I wear it. Finally, because it´s my face and not yours, so deal with it. Seriously though, makeup for me is much more than just something I need to put on my face so I look "better". I love experimenting with makeup and it has a great impact on my life, my decisions and how I deal with comfort zones.