Getting Peachy With It

Too Faced just launched their Sephora exclusive range Peaches & Cream in Germany and it got me super excited for spring makeup. However, I was stood in front of the counter and couldn't really find anything out of the range that really spoke to me. Especially after hearing about the It Comes Naturally range which is coming out soon and looks right up my street! Instead of buying a product that would just sit in my makeup collection I decided to channel my excitement into shopping my own stash. Surprisingly, I found a lot of great peachy makeup items that'll be absolutely perfect for spring!

What I've Read & Seen Lately

Instax Mini 90s Retro Brown; Polariod Pictures; Fresh Tulips; Primark Pink Vase
Reading and going to the cinema are two of the things I absolutely loved to do when I was younger. While I've been trying - & failing - to work on reading more for a couple of years now I've just added a cinema goal for 2018. Since my anxiety is getting a lot better I thought now is the time to go back to loving the cinema. Firstly, because I want to see more films. Secondly, because it´s an easy way to work on my anxiety as well. After 2.5 months int the year I've already made pretty good progress and I'm hopeful that this will be the year where I finally read 12 books and watch 12 films! Here's what I've read & watched so far.

15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Moved Into A Flatsharing Community

When I first moved out of my parents´ house I so badly wanted to live in my own little flat. As it turned out there are very little good and affordable student flats available and I ended up moving into a flatsharing community. So far I've lived in two different flatshares with 3 different pairs of flatmates and I've learned a lot over the past 3.5 years. Honestly, moving into a flat share is so different than what I was expecting. Here are 15 Things I wish I knew before I moved into a flat sharing community.

10 Things I Want To Do This Spring

Tree with pink flowers in front of house facade
I keep being confused by the fact that we're basically in spring now. February was way too short and the weather doesn't help at all! I'm so excited for spring to almost be here though. I'm ready for wearing less than 30 layers of clothes before I can go outside, and for sunny days and flowers blooming! I sometimes can get overwhelmed with the excitement for spring and not use the time wisely. This year I've decided I want to make sure I'm making the most out of spring. So here are 10 things I absolutely want to do this spring!